Are you afraid of publicity?

does-publicity-scare-youIt ought not surprise a soul when I admit the concept of publicity has fascinated me since I first learned about it as a new business owner. The key for me was FREE, the appeal to my frugal nature was like a siren song and I couldn’t help but learn the craft and fall in love with writing press releases.

What’s not to LOVE about FREE COVERAGE from media outlets your CLIENTS LOVE, TRUST & RESPECT?

Evidently, everything.

Well…I’m told it is mostly the part about knowing that people are going to see, hear or read about you. The thought that life might not be so private anymore is a palpable fear for some would-be publicity seekers. I don’t get it. But there it is.

I’ve been getting the sense lately that publicists (and witches who pose as publicists) don’t take enough time to acknowledge how freaking scary the concept of seeking publicity can be to the average person.

Or at least the average person who could benefit from a press release or two…the coach, the counselor, the speaker writer, the direct sales leader, the mom who got stuck with the preschool fundraiser.

The professionals act, to some extent, as if publicity is the second coming of guerrilla marketing and that we should all be thrilled for the chance to become media darlings…

when the thought really makes most people quake in their boots.

It’s easy for me (and people like me) to slip right into using publicity because I’ve always aspired to spotlight careers – as far back as I can remember. The 8 year old who wanted to be the first female color commentator for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. The 16 year old who wanted to be the next Barbara Frum. It wasn’t a stretch at 28 to call up the local paper and ask how to get my new business featured.

Most people just aren’t that insane bold.

Most people don’t aspire to be on tv, be the topic on the local news or a headline in the newspaper. Most people do it because it’s good for their business, part of their job or otherwise beneficial to their livelihoods.

They don’t do it because they like it.

Not like me – who sees a challenge in coming up with a story – with developing and helping others develop a newsworthy angle. I cherish the opportunities to discover stories embedded in the seemingly mundane and in creating materials that help reporters re-tell those stories to a relevant and ready audience. This ignites the writer part of me that once thought creativity only had a place in fiction.

That’s where the magic is for me in what I do as a publicist and facilitator. It’s magic to me when that all works together. And my goal – this year – is to communicate the beauty of it and help those who might be afraid of it to understand how it really works so it doesn’t seem that frightening.

So if you are afraid of publicity – I’d love to ENGAGE you in conversation…I want to know more about you and what it would take to set your fears aside and give publicity a try…

Would you be willing to look at alternatives to TV that could get you a wider audience (nothing tawdry just things like podcasts and trade magazines)?

Do you feel differently about online publicity than you do the offline traditional type?

Tell me more…

The witch wants to pick your brain…

In a completely non-scary, non-creepy way. I swear!

First tell me if publicity scares you and then tell me why (if you dare) and what you do  in the comments!

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Turning marketing into magic based on time tested truths, marketing witch and speaker Patrysha Korchinski provides sound advice in simple language so small business owners with busy schedules don't need a translator or tons of time to apply the tools & strategies.

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3 comments on “Are you afraid of publicity?
  1. You’ve nailed it – I’m terrified of the idea of publicity! Especially local publicity, among people I might run into at the grocery store. I’m pretty comfortable with online promotions, blogging, Facebook, etc. But the idea of talking to actual, live humans who I might actually meet again in real life – horrifying! :)

    I’d love to chat with you, if you’re looking for a brain to pick. Drop me a note!

    • Patrysha says:

      You’ll probably love this news then…even in a fairly small town when you get featured in the local newspaper or on the radio, hardly anyone notices enough to comment. And those who do tend to be people you don’t mind recognizing you in public. I’ll be sending you a note next week ;-) I do believe you had a site that needs an About Page that we need to discuss…

  2. Patrysha says:

    As a follow up I did a video outlining a three step process to overcoming fears of publicity.

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